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World Wild Life Conservation Badge. Issued in the 1970s and used up to about 2010. The tag line was something along the lines of a local project to make a world difference. I have only seen it worn on the Cub uniform. Measures 50mm across with black felt backing. It was an international programme with varying but similar design badges worn by different countries.

The badge was issued by C.B.S.I. and S.A.I.

Scouting Ireland Beaver Scout Conservation Badge. Used from about 2000 up to 2010. 50mm wide white felt backing. Awarded to Beavers for getting involved in local conservation projects.


CBSI. Euroconf 77 Badge worn by Cub Scouts during the 1977 colander year who had met the requirement of naming four European countries where Scouting and Guiding exist other than Ireland and draw a map of one of these countries and its flag.


Scout Association of Ireland 70th Anniversary of Scouting

1979 Papal Visit to Ireland

CBSI Issued to Scouts for the Pope’s visit to Ireland from the 30th of September to the 1st of October 1979.

CBSI Galway Cuboree Galway Diocese

Catholic Boy Scouts of Ireland year of the child badge. This one dates from 1979 and the profits from the sale of the badge went to help Doctor Joe build a Clinic in Nigeria.
CBSI Operation Blast-Off Larch Hill was a National day for Cubs held in larch Hill on the 30th of June. Events included the judging of the build your own moon-buggy or space craft and the man on the badge is Captain Crisp who also attended the event.


60th anniversary of the founding of the Catholic Boys Scouts of Ireland.


Catholic Scouts of Ireland Dublin Millennium Badge issued in 1988 to mark the 1000th Anniversary of the founding of Dublin City.
Larch Hill Millennium Badge Catholic Scout of Ireland, C.S.I. Camp held to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the founding of Dublin City.


Scouting Ireland. 75th anniversary of the 33rd Dublin Sandford Scout Group, the badge was worn at the point of the Scarf/Necker. The group are situated at St Philip's Church Hall, Temple Road, Dartry, Dublin.


Scouting Ireland Larch Hill campsite Beaver Scout National day 1996.

Scouting Ireland. The Irish version of the 2007 One World One Promise badge. A similar version was issued around the world with the One World One Promise in various languages. Muintur amháin móid amháin is Gaelic for One World One Promise.


Scouting Ireland 100th Anniversary badge issued in 2008 to mark the 100th Anniversary of Scouting in Ireland.

Scouting Ireland year of the promise 2009 badge


100th anniversary of the Sea Scouting in Ireland 1912 - 2012.
Scouting Ireland Star Scout Show badge issued to participants in the Star Scout Show held on the 24th and 25th of March 2012.

Sli na Mara Gaillimh 2012. Issued to Scouts who took part in various activities during Sli na Mara (Way of the Sea) event which took place in conjunction with the Volvo Ocean Race held in Galway (Gaillimh) in 2012.


Scouting Ireland 75th anniversary of Larch Hill which was a Catholic Boy Scouts of Ireland camp site and is now owned and run by Scouting Ireland. The badge was issued in 2013 to mark the 75th anniversary of the purchase of Larch Hill in 1938. The bottom part of the badge was purchased while the top part had to be earned.