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The Irish War of Independence began on the 21st of January 1919 and ended with a truce on the 11th of July 1921.

07/09/1919 Cork

Private William Jones 2nd Battalion King's Shropshire Light Infantry. From Carmarthen Wales was killed outside the Wesleyan Church Fermoy County Cork on Sunday morning. He is buried commemorated at Brookwood Military Cemetery, London. At 10.35 a group of 15 soldiers marched to the Wesleyan Church in Fermoy. They were carrying rifles at the trail. Just outside the church they were rushed by a group of men brandishing revolvers and wooden cudgels. The attackers appear to have fired without warning or reason, and Jones fell dead, with another soldier, Private Lloyd, badly wounded. The attackers then gathered up the soldiers rifles and made off by car.

Whitehead Arthur56166PrivateWelsh RegimentAged 30
Son of George and Harriett Whitehead, of 313, Lower Rd., Deptford, London. One of three brothers who served. Born at Bermondsey.

Boast Frederick - Second Lieutenant 2nd Bn. South Lancashire Regiment aged 20 died on the 28/12/1919
Frederick Boast was shot in the Phoenix Park Dublin on Sunday the 28th of December 1919 when as officer in charge of the guard at the Viceregal Lodge he herd shots coming from the direction of the park. When he went, with four other soldiers, to investigate he challenged a civilian who refused to stop. A struggle ensued in which Boast was shot, the civilian was wounded but again fired at the soldiers when an ambulance arrived, the soldiers returned fire killing the civilian. Boast was Son of Maj. Sydney Thomas Boast, M.C., D.C.M., (2nd Bn. South Lancashire Regt.) and Ellen Boast, of "Arano," Birtles Rd., Orford, Warrington. Served on the Western Front with his Bn. and returned to U.K. with Cadre.

Cork 29/02/1920
Newman WilliamH123987Private51st Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)Aged 19

Died as a result of bullet wounds to the neck received when he with four of his comrades were ambushed at Rushbrooke Queenstown County Cork. He was the Son of Alfred Newman, of 6, Arrow Terrace, Fisher Gate, Nottingham.

Dublin 24/03/1920

Molloy Bryan FergusES/59087Private1st Supply Coy. Royal Army Service Corps
Shot dead at the corner of Wicklow Street and South William Street, Dublin City, witnesses at the inquest said the man had been followed by a number of men before the shooting, the man was wearing civilian clothes. Molloy was a Clerk at Royal Barracks and was unarmed when shot. The inquest also heard no relatives of the dead man were present at his funeral.

Clare 21/04/1920

SibthorpeThomas B
75242Private" D " Coy. 2nd Bn. Highland Light Infantry Aged 20

An inquest into his death returned a verdict of suicide.

Limerick 27/04/1920

Quinn FrancisH24698Private2nd Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers
Died in an affray between soldiers and local youth at the Cattle Yard of O’Connell Avenue Limerick

Limerick 11/06/1920

Constable Cyril189359Lance Corporal1st Battalion Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
Died from wounds received at Holycross Limerick on Friday 11th of June when the military went to the aid of an RIC officer and men who had been ambushed.

Cork 20/07/1920

In an ambush on the 20th of July 1920 while driving from Macroom to Ballyvourney County Cork several soldiers of the 1st Battalion The Manchester Regiment were seriously injured, two soldiers later died from wounds received. They were:
  • Barlow E F 64159 Private 1st Bn. Manchester Regiment aged 26 Died on the 01/08/1920 Son of Mrs. Eliza Ann Barlow, of 19, Lois St., Shaw. Airy (Airey)
  • James Oswald - Captain1st Bn. Manchester Regiment aged 36 died on the 21/07/1920 Husband of Gladys Maud Airy, of 8, Cleveland Rd., Ealing, London.

Cork 27/07/1920

MaddoxT52203Lance CorporalEssex Regiment
On Tuesday the 27th of July the body of Lance-Corporal Maddox was found in a field near Bandon County Cork. There were many mysterious circumstances surrounding the death, his body was removed to England for burial before an inquest could be conducted. The body was found with a shotgun by his side and a revolver in his pocket, there was also evidence that his pockets had been searched. Many rumours circulated including that Maddox was executed as a spy by the I.R.A., considering the value of weapons to the I.R.A. it is unlikely had they executed Maddox they would have left a shotgun and revolver on the body.

On Wednesday a curfew was in force in Bandon from 9pm to 3am. At the request of the Very Reverend Canon Cohalan members of the Soldiers and Sailors Federation, by arrangement with the military, patrolled the streets of Bandon, public houses were closed at 9pm.

Maddox was buried in Chiswick Old Cemetery, Middlesex, UK.

Tipperary 30/07/1920
On the 30th of July 1920 two soldiers were killed in an ambush on the Tipperary side of Oola. The soldiers were travelling in a Crossley Tender which also carried the recently escaped from IRA custody General Lucas. It was thought that the ambush was set up to either recapture General Lucas or kill him but recent research has proved that the ambush was set up to capture the Military Mail which was also in the Crossley Tender at the time.
Bayliss Daniel Verey27862Private1st Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light InfantryAged 18
Son of William Verey Bayliss and Minnie Bayliss, of 8, Randolph St., Cowley Rd., Oxford.
Parker G B47297Lance Corporal1st Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light InfantryAged 20
Son of Owen and Daisy Parker, of 24, Park St., High Wycombe.

Dublin 20/09/1920
The following soldiers died as a result of an IRA ambush on a party of soldiers collecting the days bread ration from a bakery. The attack took place on Church Street Dublin. One of the IRA men, Kevin Barry, was arrested and later executed for his part in the ambush. Barry was 18 years old when he was executed.
Washington H4603001Private2nd Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)Aged 15
Whitehead Marshall4603629Private2nd Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)Aged 20
Only son of Alice Whitehead, of 4, Hope St., Halifax, and the late Harry Whitehead.
Humphries T460264PrivateDuke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)Aged 19
Son of Sarah Ann Plester (formerly Humphries), of 140 Coates St., West Bowling, Bradford, and the late William Humphries.

SquibbGordon John5487222Private2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment
Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Squibb, of Wroxall Farm Cottage, Wroxall, Isle of Wight.

Mallow Cork 28/09/1920

GibbsW G312181Serjeant 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own)
Sergeant Gibbs was the senior NCO left in charge of Mallow Barracks County Cork after most of the detachment of the 17th Lancers had left the barracks to exercise their horses. The local I.R.A. unit aided by Ernie O’Malley liaison officer from Dublin raided the barracks. As Gibbs ran towards the guard room to get a rifle three shorts rang out and Gibbs fell mortally wounded. After setting fire to the barracks the I.R.A. left with a large quantity of arms and ammunition.

Cork 10/10/1920

Richardson Gurth AlwynFlight LieutenantRoyal Air Force
Killed when ambushed in Bandon County Cork
Robertson Robert Douglas FinchLieutenant1st battalion Essex RegimentAged 25
Winner of the Military Cross, died on the 12/10/1920 from wounds received in the same ambush as Richardson.


Cowin E WEMT/44943Private1155th M.T. Coy. (Cork) Royal Army Service CorpsAged 28
Born at Crosby. Son of Elizabeth Margaret Cowin, of 10, Murrays Rd., Douglas, and the late James Daniel Cowin.

Dublin 12/10/1920
Smyth George Osbert StirlingBrevet MajorRoyal Field Artillery
Awarded the Distinguished Service Order and Military Cross.
White Alfred Philip CaptainEast Surrey Regiment
Awarded the Distinguished Service Order.

The above two soldiers were killed in an ambush when with a group of soldiers they went to the house of Professor Carolan in Fernside Drumcondra Dublin. While searching the house the group were ambushed, it is believe by Sean Treacy and Dan Breen. Both men were members of what became know as ‘The Cairo Gang’.

CrummeyT5875693Private 1st. Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment
Buried, Tipperary (Saint Michael’s) New Cemetery.

Captain Alan C Lendrum of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers was resident magistrate in Doonbeg County Clare his car was ambushed by four I.R.A. Volunteers who intended taking Lendrum’s car and any guns he had with him. The ambush went wrong and Lendrum was shot and wounded, the I.R.A. Volunteers then shot and killed the wounded Captain. The story was told and repeated in all the national papers at the time that the I.R.A. Volunteers had not shot Lendrum but had buried him up to his neck on a local beach at low tide and attempted to kill him by drowning, the first attempt failed so the I.R.A. Volunteers dug him up and buried him nearer the sea. The story was untrue, the inquest and Landrum’s death certificate found he had died of gunshot wounds. This story of the drowning is repeated in The Black and Tans by Richard Bennett. Lendrum was the Son of George and Netta Lendrum, of Corkil, Kilskeery and had received the Military Cross for his services in WW1, he was 34 years old when he died. He is buried in Kilskerry Church of Ireland churchyard.

Short F A5876915Private1st Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment

Leigh A5485478Private2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment

King William George5485574Private2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment
RutherfordDavid Alfred Lieutenant115th Siege Bty. 7th Bde. Royal Garrison ArtilleryAged 22
Wimmer of the Military Cross and Bar. Son of David Carter Rutherford and Charlotte Ann Rutherford, of Powis Court, Bushey Heath, Herts.
Brown Bernard Loftus Lieutenant26th Heavy Bty. Royal Garrison ArtilleryAged 24
While serving as adjutant at Fermoy he was abducted by ‘Sinn Feiners’ while travelling to Killarney by motorcycle on the 29th of October, his body was found on the 1st of November 1921. Son of Albert Loftus Brown and Mabel Kathleen Brown, of "Holme," Chatsworth Rd., West Norwood, London. Educated at Dulwich College (O.T.C.) and Royal Military Academy (Woolwich), March, 1915.

Hambleton Henry JamesCaptain1st Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment

The following three officers were taken from the Cork to Bandon train at Waterfall and executed by the IRA.
Chambers StewartCaptainThe King's (Liverpool Regiment)Aged 29
Son of Mrs. Marion Chambers, of 13, Smith Quadrant Cliftonville, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.
Watts W. SpaldingLieutenant33rd Company Royal Engineers
Green M. H. W.Captain3rd Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment
Abducted and killed at the same time as the two above, not recorded on the Commonwealth War Graves site.

Clare 18/11/1920
Spackman A W5373641Private15th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
On 18th November 1920, after an aeroplane had made a forced landing near Punches Quarry at Cratloe in County Clare, the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry were asked to protect the machine during the night, and a platoon from "C" Company, 1st Battalion was, accordingly, sent out under 2nd Lieutenant M.H.Last. When the party reached Cratloe they set up camp near the aircraft and built themselves a large fire, unaware that a party of IRA men had decided to raid the site to see if they could capture the aeroplane's machine gun. (It seems that, according to the IRA, there were no sentries).

The attackers, led by Joe Clancy of the East Clare brigade, opened fire on the soldiers from an elevated position at about 17.30 hrs, 5373641 Private Alfred Spackman being killed, while 5373574 Private Maurice Robins was severely wounded, he died form his wounds on the 2nd of March 1921 (see below). Private Spackman, who had enlisted in the Regiment in April 1920, was the son of Mrs Spackman of Twyford in Berkshire. (Information Stanley Jenkins, Great War Forum.)

Thompson J T Captain1st Bn. Manchester Regiment
Thompson’s body was found in a turnip field  near Bishopstown County Cork. The farmer who owned the field reported to the police that the body was lying in his field. On investigation it was found that the body was lying face down, when the body was turned over it was found that Thompson was blind-folded with a handkerchief, a revolver bullet was found under the body and it was reported that Thompson’s wrist watch had stopped at 8.50.

Bloody Sunday Dublin 21/11/1920

The following are the names of British Soldiers killed by IRA Volunteers on the 21st of November, a day which became know as Bloody Sunday when a hit squad organized by Michael Collins shot dead several British Soldiers suspected of gathering intelligence which was to be used against the IRA.
Ames Peter AshmunLieutenantGrenadier Guards
Dowling Charles Milne CholmeleyMajorGrenadier Guards
MacLean Donald LewisLieutenantGeneral ListAged 31
Former service with the Rifle Brigade.
Newberry William FrederickCaptain4th Bn. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)Aged 45
Son of the late W. C. and Myra Newberry, of Exmouth; husband of the late E. J. Newberry.
Baggallay Geoffrey ThomasCaptainReserve of Officers
Price L.CaptainGeneral List
Bennett G.LieutenantSpecial List and Royal Army Service Corps
Montgomery Hugh FergusonBrevet Lieut-ColonelRoyal Marine Light InfantryAged 40
Died on the 10/12/1920 from wounds received, he was at 28 Upper Pembroke Street when attacked. Was awarded the Order of St. Michael and St. George, companion (C.M.G.) and the Distinguished Service Order, mentioned in dispatched six times. He was the Son of Rev.F.J.Montgomery and Mrs Montgomery, Halse Rectory, Taunton.
Angliss Henry JamesLieutenantRoyal Inniskilling FusiliersAged 27
Winner of the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Son of Henry Angliss, of Enniskillen; husband of Ellen Angliss, of 295, Cannhall Rd., Leytonstone, London.

In the trial of three IRA Volunteers accused of the Bloody Sunday murders at Lower Mount Street the three were accused on murdering Lieutenant H Angliss, Lieutenant Angliss had been staying at 22 Lower Mount Street under the name of Mr. McMahon with another officer identified at the trial as Mr. B, the IRA Volunteers had also tried to shoot Mr. B but failed after a neighbour alerted some passing Auxiliary Police who fired on the Volunteers capturing one. The three were tried under Field General Court-Martial in January 1921.

Patrick McCormack
Patrick McCormack, described as ex-Captain, although it is unclear when he actually left the Army, was one of the victims of the Bloody Sunday assignations in Dublin on 21 of November 1920. He was shot by Squad members led by Patrick Moran in the Gresham Hotel.  McCormack had been a member of the British Army Veterinary Corps and was, at the time of his death, in Ireland to purchase horses to take back to Egypt.

Patrick McCormack’s mother wrote to Michael Collins several times after her sons death requesting answers as to why her son was killed by the I.R.A. as he was no longer in the British Army and was in Ireland on business connected with his employment and was not connected with any of the British intelligence agencies operating in Ireland at the time. Patrick McCormack’s mother was a cousin of Michael Davitt and sister-in-law of Dr. McCormack the Bishop of Galway and had also taken an active part in the Land League.

In his reply to Mrs. McCormack’s letter Collins claimed that her son was targeted by the Squad because they believed he was a British Army Officer and that the list of targets had been drawn up by the I.R.A. Dublin Brigade and the I.R.A. Intelligence Unit and her son’s name had been added to the list by the Dublin Brigade rather than the Intelligence Unit. Collins would appear to have been trying to make a distinction between the Dublin Brigade and the Intelligence Unit implying that the Dublin Brigade had added ‘ordinary’ officers to the list while the Intelligence Unit added targets connected with British Intelligence.

The list of Bloody Sunday targets was checked by several I.R.A. officers to verify the targets were genuine British agents. Cathal Brugha and Frank Thornton wear among the senior officers to check and confirm the targets were all legitimate. It would appear from the reply Collins made to McCormack’s mother Collins was trying to shift the blame for McCormack’s death on to the Dublin Brigade bearing in mind that Brigadier Dick McKee Officer Commanding Dublin Brigade, Vice-Brigadier Peadar Clancy Dublin Brigade and Patrick Moran Commander of the Gresham Hotel hit squad were all dead at this time.

The I.R.A. had a plan to infect British Army horses with Glanders (an infectious disease which spreads rapidly and can cause death within days). It would appear the I.R.A. believed McCormack was in Ireland on behalf of British Intelligence to asses and counteract the treat of such use of this disease against British Army horses. McCormack was also reported to have used the name Captain McCormack, as is common with many ex-British Army Officers, when registering as the Hotel, the I.R.A. would not have had access to his Army records so would not have been aware he had left the British Army.

There are also some unexplained aspects relating to Patrick McCormack’s stay in Ireland just before his death. Why was he staying at the Gresham Hotel when his mother lived at number 3 Adelaide Street, Dun Laoghaire, McCormack’s wife and child were also in Ireland at the time. Sir Mark Sturgis, a senior administrator at Dublin Castle, recorded in his diary on the 21st of November 1920 ‘Two Secret Service men were assassinated in the Gresham Hotel’.


Minchin Joseph4794312Private1st Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment
His surname is misspelled on the CWGC website as Mincham.

Cork 17/12/1920
Ellis Leonard4793006Serjeant1st Battalion Lincolnshire RegimentAged 27
Son of Mr. J. E. Ellis, of 3, Frederick St., Monks Rd., Lincoln. killed in action on 17 December 1920 when mail cars were ambushed near Mitchelstown County Cork, buried LINCOLN (ST. SWITHIN'S) CEMETERY.

On Thursday the 13th of January 4026893 Private George Charles Payne King’s Shropshire Light Infantry was killed at Hunston House Birr King’s County (County Offaly). There is no record of the circumstance of his death. The only record of action involving the KSLI at Hunston House is a brief account of 2nd Battalion KSLI in Ireland after the war by Lt. Col. Hulton Harrop (then 2/Lt.) relates that a detachment of 2nd KSLI was sent to Hunston House to prevent it being burned down. Hunston House may have been the home of Colonel Head, RA and hence a target.

"This detachment suffered a typical Irish ambush. They (the 2nd KSLI) had a
Patrol out on bicycles, about half a dozen strong; as they cycled past a
stone wall the ambushers popped up from behind it. The patrol had no
alternative but to surrender their rifles. Not a popular incident!"

Payne was 18 years old when he was killed, his attestation papers state that he enlisted on the 4th of May 1920 for 12 years (9/3) in Hereford, that he was a "general labourer", born in Long Hope, Gloucs, and his next of kin (father) was Mr. G. Payne of Chesgrove, Long Hope. He was "Discharged dead" on 13.1.21 from a gunshot wound inflicted at Hunston House, Belmont. He is buried in Longhope (All Saints) Churchyard and was the son of George and Helen Payne, of Chessgrove, Longhope.

A Serjeant and a private of the Lincolnshire Regiment where killed while travelling through Glengoole County Tipperary a mixed party of military and police were ambushed. The ambush happened as the party approached Glengoole at a sharp turn where the road is skirted by a low line of rocky hills providing ideal cover for an ambush.  Serjeant Brackenbury was killed in the first volley of withering fire directed at the lorry in which they were travelling. The lorry had been commandeered earlier that day in Killenaule outside the local creamery, the driver, Mr Brennan was compelled to drive the Crown Forces who took a circular route through the villages of Commons and Lickifin.
Brackenbury M4792757Serjeant2nd Battalion Lincolnshire RegimentAged 26
Buried in Trimbleby (St. Margaret) Churchyard, Lincolnshire, UK
Staves Harold4793670PrivateNo. 4 Coy. 1st Bn. Battalion Lincolnshire RegimentAged 21
Son of James and Mary Staves, of 194, St. Catherine’s Grove, Lincoln. Buried in Wellingore (All Saints) Churchyard Lincolnshire, UK.

Clare 22/02/1921
The following three soldiers were found shot dead near Woodford on the Clare Galway border. A note found around the neck of one of the soldiers with the words Spies tried by Court-Martial and found guilty, all others beware.
Walker W S5374675Private1st Battalion Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
Williams David John5373002Private1st Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
Mullett Thomas Leonard5374617Private"B" Coy. Bucks Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light InfantryAged 31
Served as H. Morgan. Son of Edward Mullett, of 11, Mile End Rd., Colchester.

Cork 23/02/1921
The following two soldiers were executed by IRA Volunteers on the evening of the 23rd of February 1921 on the Ballincen Road Bandon County Cork, they were pick-up along with another soldier and two civilians after questioning the two were removed from the group and shot. The other soldier in the group was given a letter to be delivered to the Commanding Officer of the Essex Regiment. The letter contained the following Recently several members of our Army have been brutally murdered by British forces, in particular by members of the Essex Regiment, and we take this opportunity of showing how to deal, and shall continue to deal, with such murderers. We hope this will be a warning in future. – IRA.
Stubbs Herbert Leslie5999140Lance Corporal1st Bn. Essex Regiment
Knight J A5999062Private1st Bn. Essex Regiment

Cork 28/02/1921
Whitear Albert EdwardBandsman2nd Hampshire Regiment
Died from wounds received in an attack in Cork. Whitear is not commemorated on the CWGC Roll of Honour, his name has been accepted and will be added shortly

Cork 28/02/1921
The following five British Soldiers were killed on the streets of Cork on the night of the Monday the 28th of February 1921. The deaths took place after the execution of six IRA Volunteers that morning
Wise Thomas19097PrivateRoyal Army Service CorpsAged 30
Hodnett LDM/16638CorporalRoyal Army Service CorpsAged 20
Son of John Hodnett, of 125, Well Hall Rd., Kent.
Gill William AlfredA5485999Private2nd Battalion Hampshire RegimentAged 20
Bowden G HSignaller6th Div Sig. Co. Royal EngineersAged 20
Beattie JLance-Corporal2nd HantsAged 24
Came from Plymouth

Clare 02/03/1921
Robins MF5373574Private 1st Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
Died from wounds received when Ambushed in County Clare on the 18th of November 1920

Leitrim 04/03/1921
Wilson E CSecond Lieutenant 1st Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment
Died on Sunday 5th of March from wounds received in an ambush at Sheepnore near Carrick-on-Shannon on Friday

Cork-Kerry 05/03/1921
H R Cumming DSO was travelling in a convoy of three tenders of the East Lancashire Regiment when he was killed in an ambush between Killarney and Buttervant, killed in the same ambush were two other officers and two other ranks.
Cumming Hanway RobertBrigadier GeneralGeneral Staff Commands and StaffAged 53
Awarded the Distinguished Service Order. Previous service formerly Commanding Durham Light Infantry. Officer of the Legion of Honour. Served in the South African War.
Maligny H ALieutenantRoyal Army Service CorpsAged 40
He was the Son of Mr. and Mrs. Emile Maligny, of Croydon; husband of Edith Hilda Maligny, of 56, Southville Rd., Bedford.
Turner H3378394Private2nd Bn. East Lancashire Regiment
Walker William3379257Private2nd Bn. East Lancashire Regiment

Brigden William Joseph5999515Corporal1st Bn. Essex Regiment

Dublin 15/03/1921
De Orfe Frederick2308636SignalmanRoyal Engineers
Shot and mortally wounded while crossing Rialto Bridge in Dublin, he had been delivering dispatches to Kingstown and was killed on his return journey. Son of Frederick Charles and Juliette De Orfe, of 62, Winchester Road, Shirley, Southampton. Born at Shirley.

Thomas GPrivate1st Bn South Lancashire Regiment

Cork 19/03/1921
The following Soldiers were Killed in Action Crossbarry County Cork on Saturday the 19th of March 1921
Crafer Joseph Thomas5999398Private1st Bn. Essex Regiment
Gray William AlfredM/16554(M/53359) Private1155th M.T. Coy.  Royal Army Service Corps Aged 19
Son of William Robert Gray, of 113, Littlefield Rd., Burnt Oak, Edgware, Middx.
StewardS W5998205Private 1st Bn. Essex Regiment
WattsEdward5998138Serjeant 1st Battalion Essex Regiment
WilkinsWilliam5998204Private 1st Bn. Essex Regiment
CawleySidney Robert5999664Private1st Bn. Essex Regiment Aged 20
His father, an Iron and Steel erector from Chelmsford Essex identified the body. S R Cawley was unmarried and was gravely wounded by enemy fire while on patrol duty in the Crossbarry area of County Cork when his patrol came under fire form a party of about twenty Rebels, he was treated for his wounds at the scene but died the next morning in Hospital.
Hotblack G T Second LieutenantEssex Regiment Died 22/03/1921

The following two soldiers are recorded as having died in or as a result of wounds received in the Crossbarry attack, their names are not recorded on the Commonwealth War Graves site.
Baker HDriverRoyal Army Service Corps attached 1st Essex Regiment
Martin C. J.Private Royal Army Service Corps attached 1st Essex Regiment

Kerry 21/03/1921
AdamsC E Lieutenant1st Bn. Royal FusiliersAged 30
Died from wounds when ambushed while travelling in a train which was ambushed at Headford County Kerry
Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.
Greenwood Charles Rupert6446547Corporal1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers
Corporal Greenwood died the day after the ambush from wounds received during the attack.
BrundishG6446503Serjeant1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers Aged 31
Chandler Edward Albert 6449781Lance Corporal1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers
George A6446510Private1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers
Buried in Killarney New Cemetery, County Kerry, Ireland.
WestFrederick George6446447Private 1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers
WoodsFrank Edward6446536Private 1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers
YoungG E L6453611Private
1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers

B J3645917Private
South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales Volunteers)Aged 26
Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Whiting, of Caerau, Bridgend, Glam.; husband of Rachel Mary Whiting, of 10, Greenfield Terrace, Argoed, Mon.

Young G E L6453611Private1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers

Roscommon 23/03/1921
On Wednesday the 23rd of March 1921 three Soldiers were killed in an ambush at Scramogue near Strokestown County Roscommon. They were part of a joint R.I.C. and Military patrol, one R.I.C. man died three days later from wounds received in the ambush and three Black and Tans taken prisoner were later shot by the I.R.A. The initial burst of fire from the ambushers killed the driver bringing the lorry to a halt. Captain Peek was wounded in the initial burst of fire and after making it 400 yards down the road he was hit again and killed. Lieutenant Tennant was killed by a shotgun blast. The rest of the patrol was captured. The ambushers captured a Hotchkiss Machine Gun which had been mounted on the lorry.
Peek Roger Grenville Captain9th (Queen's Royal) Lancers
Husband of Joan Peek, of Hazlewood, Loddiswell. Buried at Loddiswell (St. Michael) Churchyard, Devon, UK.
TennantJohn Harold AnthonyLieutenant 9th (Queen's Royal) LancersAged 21
Son of Fred W. and Agnes Fraser Tennant, of Spofforth Grange, Harrogate. Buried at Spofforth (All Saints) Churchyard, Yorkshire, UK.
Keenan JohnDriverRoyal Army Service CorpsAged 21

LeesCecil Harcourt FolderCaptain General ListAged 45
Shot dead outside St. Andrew’s Hotel Exchequer Street Dublin by the I.R.A. in the belief he was a member of the British Secret Service gather intelligence. Husband of J K Lees, of Natal, South Africa.

WeldonEugene Benjamin Thomas4850605Lance Corporal1st Bn. Leicestershire Regiment
Lance-Corporal Weldon was shot when ambushed in the street in Castlerea County Roscommon. The shooting happened within a few minutes of Curfew no further details were available as no witnesses were about. A woman, Mrs McDonagh was killed by a stray bullet and a man Peter Noone was seriously injured.

Cork 26/04/1921
Fielding Norman Thornton3379143Private2nd Bn. East Lancashire RegimentAged 19

Son of James and Elizabeth Fielding, of 478, Audley Range, Blackburn. He was found shot dead on the Churchtown Road in County Cork, he had been shot three times.

Cork 30/04/1921
Compton-Smith Geoffrey LeeMajor2nd Bn. Royal Welch FusiliersAged 31
Awarded the Distinguished Service Order and the Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur. Son of William Compton-Smith, of Richmond, Surrey; husband of Gladys Mary Peterson (formerly Compton-Smith, nee Lloyd).

Major Compton-Smith was abducted while on a Sketching trip in Cork County on the 16th of April. He was Commandant of Ballyvonare camp near Buttevant. His captors allowed him send two letters before he was executed. The first letter was to his wife and read as follows
My own darling wife – I am to be shot in an hours time. Dearest your humbly will die with your name on his lips your face before my eyes and he will die like an Englishman and a Soldier…I leave my watch to the officer who is executing me, because I believe him to be a Gentleman, and to mark the fact that I bear him no malice for carrying out what he believes to be his duty.

The second letter he sent was to his Regiment and read
Dear Royal Welsh Fusiliers, - I am to be shot in an hour’s time. I should ask you fellows to know that the sentence has been passed on me (two lines erased here) and that I intend to die like a Welsh Fusilier, with a laugh and forgiveness for those who are carrying out the deed. I should like my death to lessen rather than increase the bitterness which exists between England and Ireland. I have been treated with great kindness, and during my captivity have learned to regard the Sinn Feiners rather as mistaken idealists than as a murder gang. My cigarette case I leave to the mess. I carried it with the Regiment throughout the War, and shall die with it in my pocket. God bless you all comrades.

Irish Times List
The following names appeared in the Irish Times causality list on the 12/05/1921, the list only includes those who are not listed elsewhere on this page.

WoodsFrank Edward6446536Private 1st Bn. Royal FusiliersDied 21/03/1921

GeorgeA6446510Private1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers Died 21/03/1921

HaleFrederick James6909383Rifleman3rd Bn. Rifle Brigade Aged 17
Died 23/03/1920
Son of William Alfred and Louisa Ellen Hale, of 20, Rugby Gardens, South Ashford.

Kerry 10/04/1921
Private George Motley, 3379056, the East Lancashire Regiment went missing on the 10th of April 1921. He was taken from a public house in Hedford County Kerry and shot dead. His body was buried in a local bog where it remained until early 1927 when it was recovered and returned to his home town in Yorkshire for burial. Motley was 20 years old at the time of his death.

Rew Sydney Thomas
12002SerjeantRoyal ScotsRoyal Scots

On the night of the 16th of April 1921 at about 10pm Serjeant Rew along with and R.I.C. Constable and some local civilians were drinking in O’Shaughnessy’s Public House when a Mills grenade was thrown into the Pub. Rew was killed instantly and the R.I.C. constable and two women, one the daughter of the pub owner, were injured. O’Shaughnessy’s was a well know local pub and the I.R.A. claimed the landlord had been warned that the pub would be attacked if he persisted in welcoming British Soldiers and Police.

Cork 14/05/1921
The following three soldiers were shot dead and another wounded when ambushed by a large group of Rebels Rosmacowen on the Beara Peninsula County Cork. The soldiers were of duty and unarmed at the time. It is reported that a group of three local girls had invited the soldiers to walk to a local waterfall with them, the girls disappeared just before the Rebels arrived.
Hunter John Alexander3180263Private2nd Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers
McMillanR3180640Private2nd Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers Aged 19
Son of Robert and Susan Hannah McMillan, of 5, Baronflat St., Rutherglen. Born at Rutherglen.
ChalmersD3180441Private2nd Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers Aged 21
Son of Mrs. A. Chalmers, of 45, Staunton St., Deptford, London.

Galway 15/05/1921
The following two officers were shot dead while having a tennis party at Ballyturn House County Galway, also shot dead in the same incident were Captain and District Inspector C E M Blake RIC and his young wife.
CornwallisFiennes Wykeham MannCaptain17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own) Aged 30
Awarded the Military Cross and Croix de Guerre (France). Son of Col. and Mrs. F. S. W. Cornwallis (now 1st Baron Cornwallis, of Linton, and Baroness Cornwallis) of Linton Park, Maidstone. His Grandfather Francis Cornwallis of the 4th Light Dragoons took part in the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava.
McCreeryRobert BruceLieutenant17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own) Aged 22
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter McCreery, of Stowell Hill, Templecombe, Somerset.

The following soldiers died in the attack at Ballyvaughan, the soldiers left the Coast guard Station and were marching passed the Post Office which had been occupied by the IRA when they were attacked.
Bolton Isaac RobertCH/21743Private8th Bn. Royal Marine Light Infantry
ChandlerHenryCH/19831Private Royal Marine Light InfantryAged 23

On the 31st of May the following 7 soldiers, all with the band of the Hampshire Regiment were on their way to the rifle range at Youghal County Cork when a road mine exploded under the truck they were travelling in. Three soldiers were killed outright while a further died later that day and another the next day.
WhichelowC L T5485245Corporal 2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment
Husband of Violet M. Whichelow, of 32, Seaside Avenue, Santa Cruz, California, U.S.A.
BurkeF5485339Bandsman2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment Aged 21
McCallR D5485224Lance Corporal 2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment 
WashingtonF5485841Private 2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment
EvansFrederick5485675Boy 2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment Aged 17
Son of Mrs. E. M. Dymond, of 9, Polsome Place, Middlebrooks, Winchester.
SimmonsG W5487152Boy2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment Aged 15
Son of George Henry and Charlotte Mabel Simmons, of 5, Somers Rd., Southsea, Hants. Born at Portsmouth.
HestermanFredrick William5487335Boy2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment Aged 14
Died from wounds on the 01/06/1921. Son of Henry and Eliza Hesterman, of 3, Blighmont Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton. Born at Poplar, London.

Cork 05/06/1921
The Irish Time newspaper reported on three young musicians who ‘broke out’ of their barracks in Cork and were kidnapped and killed by the IRA. The three soldiers were killed on the 5th of June 1921 at Kilcrea County Cork.
Cooper John3513044Boy1st Bn. Manchester RegimentAged 16
Son of John and Ellen Cooper, of 22, Retiro St., Oldham.
CarsonM3513561Boy 1st Bn. Manchester RegimentAged 18
Son of Robert and Ellen Carson, of 45, Hope Rd., Sale, Cheshire.
ChapmanC A3513058Boy 1st Bn. Manchester RegimentAged 17
Son of William Edward Chapman, of Birch Lea, Lees, Oldham.

Minion Harry3848931Private2nd Bn. The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)Aged 21

Son of Mr. A. and Mrs. Catherine Minion, of 17, Lyndhurst St., Bolton.

Clare 12/06/1921
HudsonM5393689Lance Corporal Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry

While returning from Kilrush the I.R.A. East Clare Brigade’s Flying Column 6th Battalion Active Service Unit under the command of Michael McGrath encountered a large force of British Soldiers, just outside the town at Four Roads the I.R.A. attacked the British Soldiers killing Hudson.

Warren Richard CrawfordLieutenant1st Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light InfantryAged 22
In the same attack Warren was wounded, he died from his wounds on the 26th of June 1921, he was the holder of the Military Cross and Bar, he was the Son of the late Col. Percy Bliss Warren.

Dundalk 24/06/1921
Three soldiers were killed when a bomb exploded on the track of the Great Northern Railway near Adavoyle about ten miles north of Dundalk, the incident happened on the 24th of June 1921.
DowsonCharles534083Serjeant10th (Prince of Wales's Own Royal) Hussars Aged 28
Son of John Dowson, of Pinder Green, Methley Junction, Yorks.
HarperC H537772Private10th (Prince of Wales's Own Royal) HussarsAged 24

Telford William Henry534369PrivateB Squadron 10th (Prince of Wales's Own Royal) HussarsAged 19
Died on the 24/06/1921. Son of Mrs. Edith B. Bayes (formerly Telford), of 120, Union St., Middlesbrough, and the late John Telford.

Cork 18/05/1921
Hill Arthur Wilfred Lavington5486595Lance CorporalNo. 7 Coy. 2nd Bn. Hampshire RegimentAged 21
Son of Frederick John and Harriet Margaret Hill, of 10, The Mount, North Wallington, Fareham. Lance Corporal Hill was on duty at Glanmire Railway Station County Cork. He went of duty at 5.30pm on the evening of the 18th of May, he visited a friend at her house from 7pm until 9pm. At about 9.30pm an employee at the Lower Glanmire road level crossing heard several shots and was later informed by a woman that a man had been shot on the road. The military were informed and the Curfew Patrol found the body of Lance Corporal Hill lying face down, two .45 revolver bullets were found in a pool of blood. Evidence was also found that several people had waited at the spot for some time. Medical evidence found that Hill had a .45 revolver wound in the head the bullet having entered behind the ear and fractured the skull. Another bullet had passed clean through the head from back to front and there were two more wounds to the left fore-arm and the back of the neck.

Madell R5998850Lance Corporal1st Bn. Essex Regiment Died 14/05/1921
Son of Mrs. A. Madell, of 12, Mount Durand, St. Peter Port.
ShepherdFrancis William5998780Private1st Bn. Essex RegimentAged 18
Died 14/05/1921
Son of Clara M. and the late Mr. Shepherd, of 138, Oakdale Rd., Leytonstone.
HerrodJohn3902304Serjeant1st Bn. South Wales Borderers Aged 33
Died 16/05/1921
Son of Arthur and Maria Herrod; husband of Jennie Herrod, of 53, Hillary St., Woodhouse Lane, Leeds. Native of Pulham St. Mary, Norfolk.
FrancisBernardRMA/14710Gunner Royal Marine ArtilleryDied 14/05/1921

ParkerWilliamRMA/14560Gunner Royal Marine ArtilleryDied 14/05/1921

WilliamsErnestPO/15586Corporal8th R.M. Bn. R.N. Div. Royal Marine Light Infantry Aged 25
DIed 17/05/1921
Died from Wounds

PercivalMark3645255Private1st Bn. King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)Aged 18
Died 17/05/1921
Son of Mark and Mary Percival, of 12, Alpha St., Widnes.

GoldsmithStephen6446069Serjeant1st Bn. Royal Fusiliers Died 25/05/1921

SaggersAlbert GeorgeS/11267Private"D" Supply Coy. Royal Army Service Corps Aged 20
Died 14/05/1921
Son of William and Lizzie Saggers, of Vicarage Rd., Stanstead Abbotts.

Tipperary 19/06/1921

Smith, W, 5610297, Private, Devonshire Regiment, was part of a party conveying a coffin for an R.I.C. man who had been shot, while crossing New Bridge, Carrick-on-Suir they were ambushed by a large party of armed men concealed on the road side. Crown Forces dismounted and returned fire, the attackers fled, Private Smith was killed in the exchange of fire.

Westmeath 20/06/1621

Brigadier General Thomas Stanton Lambert, General Staff, aged 50. Former service with East Lancashire Regiment. Awards received C B and C M G. He was part of a group including his wife and niece returning from a tennis party at Benown House, Glasson about six miles from Athlone at 7.30pm on Monday the 20th of June. Before the car they were travelling in reached the main road to Glasson about fourteen armed men called on the car to halt, Mrs. Lambert increased speed, shot-gun fired was opened on the car and Brigadier General Lambert was hit. Mrs. Lambert drove to Athlone Military Hospital where Brigadier General Lambert died from wounds received at about 9pm. His body was returned to London for burial. 

Tipperary 20/06/1921

Three Officers were shot dead at Woodroofe midway between Cahir and Clonmel, County Tipperary. On Sunday the 19th they left Fethard Barracks walking in the Coleman direction. When they failed to return a search covering a large area was mounted. At 11.30am on Monday the 20th three bodies were found at Woodroofe.

  • Bettridge, R F, Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery. Aged 26 from Devon, England.
  • Glossop, Walter George Cave, Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery, aged 22. Son of the Rev. and Mrs. T. F. G. Glossop, of The Vicarage, Shoreham, Sussex. Born at Whyteleafe. Awarded the King's Gold Medal, Pollock Medal, and Tomb's Memorial Prize at R.M.A., Woolwich.
  • Toogood, A C H, Second Lieutenant, 1st Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment.

Clare 10/07/1921
Williams R W4179390Private2nd Bn. Royal Welch FusiliersDied 10/07/1921
On 26 May 1921 the IRA had attempted to blow up the two-arched bridge spanning the Owengarry River at Bunratty, causing a significant breach on its western side. At 2pm on Sunday 10 July 1921 two British Army motorcycle dispatch riders approached the bridge from Limerick. Despite the attempts of local people to warn them of the breach, both plunged into the river below. Private Williams split his head open on the stonework as he fell and had lost consciousness by the time he reached the water. The second soldier managed to save himself but Williams was seen to go under. A few weeks later Williams’s body was washed ashore on the eastern bank of the river about 200 yards north of Bunratty Bridge. It was discovered by a local farmer, who had also witnessed the fatality. The farmer dragged the body from the river and buried it nearby in marshy ground.

Cork 10/07/1921
The following four soldiers were kidnapped and executed in a field in Cork by the IRA, the commanding officer of Henry Morris wrote to his next of kin, in the letter he stated “I regret very much to have to inform you that your son, Private H. Morris, was killed by the Irish rebels on Sunday July 10, at about 10.30pm. He was out on pass at the time with another friend in the regiment and with two men of the Royal Engineers. They were kidnapped, and although the tragedy is difficult to visualise, I feel that you would prefer to know what happened. As far as could be found out, your son and his friends were shot together. From what I saw myself when they were brought to the barracks, I am convinced that they could not have suffered, but died instantly. Your son was blindfolded and taken to a field about two to three miles from where he had been walking with his friends.”
Morris Henry Alfred4905221Private"D" Coy. 2nd Bn. South Staffordshire RegimentAged 21
Daker Harold4905129Lance Corporal2nd Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
Camm Albert  G1856603SapperRoyal EngineersAged 20
Powell Albert Edward1853916Sapper33rd Fortress Coy. Royal EngineersAged 20
Died on the 11/07/1921 Son of Henry Arthur and Jane Powell, of 28, Abbott Rd., Poplar, London.

Kerry 10/07/1921
Davies (Davis*)John Lauton3846619Serjeant"A" Coy. 2nd Bn. The Loyal Regiment  (North Lancashire) Aged 36
Killed in Action when ambushed on Upper Main Street Castleisland County Kerry. Three I.R.A. Volunteers were also Killed in Action in the same incident. Awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Son of Mrs. Annie Davies, of Garth House, Pencelby, Brecon, and the late Edward Davies; husband of May Davies, of 3, Upper Hamilton Rd., Brighton. *Referred to Davis in contemporary accounts of the ambush.

Irish Times List
The following soldiers appear on the Irish Times List of causalities dated Saturday the 9th of July 1921
BreezeAlfred Donald HughSecond Lieutenant2nd Bn. Worcestershire Regiment Aged 20
Died 19/06/1921
Son of Alfred Dennant and Mary Ann Bridget Breeze of 1 College View, Plymouth.

CrowtherFrederick4906896PrivateSouth Staffordshire RegimentAged 25
Died 27/06/1921
Son of Benjamin and Rosina Crowther, of 64, Smestow St., Springfields, Wolverhampton.
GoddardHEI/33004Lance Corporal2nd Bn. East Surrey Regiment Aged 20
Died 02/06/1921
Son of Henry J. Goddard, of 64, Linden Rd., Hampton.

SaundersW T6336107Private2nd Bn. Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) Died 16/06/1921

GibbonsErnest1410359Gunner20th Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery Aged 26
Died 06/06/1921

Irish Times List
The following appeared on the list of Causalities in Ireland published in The Irish Times on the 3rd of September 1921
RankinGeorge3848460Private The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)Died 10/07/1921

ReynoldsJohn William4794121Serjent1st Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment Aged 21
Died 11/07/1921
Son of John William and Daisy Elizabeth Reynolds, of 10, Harmood Place, Kentish Town, London. Native of Streatham, London.

Limerick 07/08/1921

BarringtonErnestM/24479 Private Royal Army Service Corps 116th M.T. Coy. (Limerick) Aged 34

Died as a result of injuries received in a motor accident in Killaloe County Limerick. He was a native of Manchester, his remains were returned from New Barracks Limerick to Manchester via Kingstown. A large crowd of his comrades and civilians gathered at New Barracks as the train departed, the band of the Royal Welch Fusiliers played funeral marches and the last post as his remains left the station. He was the Son of Sarah Barrington, of 23, Stretford Rd., Manchester, and the late Peter Barrington.

Royal Hospital Chapel Dublin Memorial list
The following names are from a list published for a memorial service held at the Royal Hospital Chapel Dublin on November 21st 1922. The names are of those I was unable to find details of the circumstance of their deaths, all are listed on The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.
DixonWilliam AlfredLieutenant2nd Bn. Suffolk Regiment Aged 39
Died 22/10/1920
Attached 1st Battalion Essex Regiment, awarded the Military Cross.
Gilbert Arthur LieutenantTank Corps and General List Aged 25
Died 14/10/1920
Son of Henry Calvert Price and Frances Maria Price, of 137, Marsala Rd., Lewisham, London.
SharmanFrederickSecond Lieutenant24th Div. Ammunition Column Royal Field ArtilleryAged 30
Died 18/08/1920
Son of George and Lydia Sharman, of St. Neots.
Boxold F6446521Serjeant1st Bn. Royal FusiliersDied 11/02/1921
Brundish G6446503Serjeant1st Bn. Royal FusiliersAged 31
Died 21/03/1921

The above inscription is from the headstone of the Cambridge family from Kingston-on-Thames. It shows their 19 year old son Robert Charles Cambridge of the Royal Field Artillery was Killed in Action in Ireland on the 10th of December 1920. The headstone also illustrates the effects the First World War and the war in Ireland had on many families. The two brothers of Robert Charles Cambridge are buried were they fell in France and Flanders.
Chandler Edward Albert6449781Lance Corporal1st Bn. Royal FusiliersDied 21/03/1921
Gammon Walter Spencer6278154Private1st bn. The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Aged 29
Died 26/11/1920
Son of Peter Spencer Gammon, and Caroline Gammon, of St. Jean, Cottage Rd., Ramsgate.
Hall E6278145Corporal1st Bn. The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) Died 29/11/1920
Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.
Hall C
EM/45295Private1155th M.T. Coy. Royal Army Service CorpsDied 27/07/1920
Hobbs William Henry1852907Lance CorporalEst. for Engr. Services, C.R.E. (Cork) Royal EngineersAged 22
Died 28/10/1920
Son of Samuel George Hobbs, of III, Gordon Rd., Gillingham, and the late Kate Hobbs.
Holyome John Joseph6446476Private1st Bn. Royal FusiliersDied 13/02/1921
Son of John Joseph and Sarah Holyome.
Jarvis H C30397Lance Corporal1st Bn. South Lancashire RegimentDied 19/03/1921
LarterRichard Edward - Private1st Bn. Machine Gun Corps1910/07/1921
Mears Charles Edward6446401Serjeant1st Bn. Royal FusiliersDied 12/07/1921

Nunn A E185267PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry) Died 14/08/1920

ReidC W5998619 Private1st Bn. Essex RegimentDied 22/10/1920
Son of Mr. W. C. Reid, of 42, Grant St., Battersea, London.
Robertson George3044595Private2nd Bn. Royal ScotsDied 20/10/1920

RossWilliam3847663Private 2nd Bn. The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)Aged 33
Died 10/07/1921
Son of Mrs. C. Ross, of 115, Central St., St. Helens.
RoughleyF3514304 Private1st. Bn. Manchester RegimentDied 15/06/1921

RyanJ7681746Lance Corporal Military Foot Police Military Police CorpsDied 05/02/1921

He was shot dead as he drank in a public house in Gloucester Place, Dublin. He was in civilian clothes, three men entered the bar and fired at him. He was married and lived at 16 Railway Street, Dublin. He is buried in Grangegorman Military Cemetery.

StavesHarold4793670Private No. 4 Coy. 1st Bn. Lincolnshire RegimentAged 21
Son of James and Mary Staves, of 194, St. Catherines Grove, Lincoln.
Turner W537303Lance Corporal15th (The King's) HussarsAged 18
Died on the 24/11/1920 Son of Annie Ethel Cable (formerly Turner), of 73, Bold St., Northwood, Hanley, and the late Walter Turner.

Deaths after the Truce

On Tuesday July 11th 1921 a truce came into effect between the British and the Irish Republican Army. The British military started withdrawing from the 26 counties in late December 1921. Between the July truce and the withdrawal of British military several soldiers of the British Army were killed in Ireland. The list below contains the names of those soldiers I have been able to identify as having died during this period.


Lieutenant G H Souchon
Lieutenant G H Souchon 17th Lancers. On Sunday the 25th of September 1921 Lieutenant Souchon was on his way from his Club to Earl’s Island Army Camp in Galway. On his way he met some fellow officers who gave him a lift in their car. As they drove passed the Town Hall shots were fired and Lieutenant Souchon was hit in the head, he died instantly.
Lieutenant Souchon should have retired from the Army a month ago but due to a delay in receiving his papers his retirement was delayed. His body was taken to Wookham, Surrey for burial.

Investigations into the shooting showed that Lieutenant Souchon was killed by a stray bullet fired in a dispute at a local hall where a dance was being held in aid of The Republican Prisoners Dependants’ Fund. There were several accounts of how the dispute arose but it involved some Crown Forces either attempting to enter the dance without paying or Republican stewards at the dance attempted to search Crown Forces outside the dance. Lieutenant Souchon was not involved in this dispute and was hit by a stray bullet when passing the hall in the car.
Belfast 10/03/1922
Bruce E SLieutenant
1st Seaforth Highlanders
Lieutenant Bruce was shot dead in Alfred Street Belfast on the 10th of March 1922, he was dressed in civilian clothes and on his was to the War Hospital Victoria Road when he was surrounded by a gang of about twenty men and shot.

Cork 28th of April 1922
 On the 28th of April 1922 4 British Soldiers were arrested by the I.R.A. at Dick William’s Hotel in Macroom County Cork. The three Officers were on a hunting outing driven by a Private from the Army Motor Transport Corps, they had a fine Newfoundland dog with them. The four men were taken to Macroom Castle which was heavily fortified by the I.R.A. and a mine was laid in the square with a concealed cable running to it so it could be detonated from the Castle.

In the afternoon of the next day a large force of British troops arrived at the Castle. An armored car with its gun trained on the Castle keep was parked in the square and two eighteen-pounder guns were hauled up Sleaveen Hill and trained on the Castle. A detachment from the British force questioned the I.R.A. in the Castle, the I.R.A. denied all knowledge of the whereabouts of the missing soldiers. Residents of the town were also questioned about the missing soldiers but having gained no useful information the British force withdrew to Ballincollig.

On the evening of the 29th of April the three officers and the private were taken to Kilgobnet a few miles west of Macroom and shot, the dog was also shot.

The British Army claimed the Soldiers were on a hunting trip, the I.R.A. claimed they were in the area spying and local rumor claimed the Soldiers were in Macroom to rob a bank and it also emerged some years later that one of the Officers killed was responsible for the death of an I.R.A. Volunteer in the Macroom area, the I.R.A. Volunteer was trussed up like a chicken, tied to the back of an army vehicle and dragged at high speed to his death.
The four solders were:
  • Lieutenant George R A Dove 2nd Hampshire Regiment
  • Ronald A Hendy 1st Royal Warwickshire Regiment, former service with the 1st King Edward’s Horse.
  • Kenneth R Henderson M.C. 2nd Green Howards.
  • J R Brooks Royal Army Service Corps (Motor Transport)


On Monday the 20th of February 1922 two British Soldiers were shot dead on the Naas Road on the Inchicore side outside the village of Bluebell County Dublin. A military lorry which had broken down two hours earlier was awaiting assistance. Another lorry carrying a party of Soldiers was believed to be going to the assistance of the stricken lorry when it was fired on, the driver accelerated and speed to Dublin where it was discovered that two occupants of the lorry had been hit. The lorry was attacked by A Company, 4th Battalion, Dublin Brigade, I.R.A. The two Soldiers killed were:

  • Lieutenant W Mead Royal Army Service Corps (H.T.).
  • Quartermaster Sergeant Conliffe (Cunliffe) 25th Motor Transport Company

Lieutenant J H Wogan-Brown 48th Battery Royal Field Artillery

Lieutenant H M Genochio Royal Engineers

Dublin 30/08/1922
2nd Lieutenant R J Storey King’s Shropshire Light Infantry. 2nd Lieutenant Storey, a native of Wrigton Somerset, was found at 11.35pm on Wednesday the 30th of August 1922 near Island bridge Dublin, he had been shot in the head. Initially it was suspected, and some witnesses testified, that Storey had shot himself but Storey’s revolver was produced in evidence and testimony given that the gun had not been fired for several weeks. A verdict of death due to laceration of the brain caused by a bullet fired by some person unknown was returned.
Private E T Barnes 1st Norfolk Regiment

C Q M S T Cuncliffe Royal Army Service Corps (Motor Transport)

Dublin 27/05/1922
Emery G AA/L/Cpl
Royal Army Service Corps (Motor Transport)
On Saturday the 27th of May 1922 Emery with another soldier Private Dean when they were attacked in College Green Dublin at 12.40pm. Both soldiers were about to board a motorcycle and sidecar when the attack occurred.
At first it was believed that the motive for the attack was robbery as two men were seen trying to wrestle the motorcycle from the two soldiers, five shots were herd and both soldiers were seen to stagger. Lance-Corporal Emery was seen to fall from the sidecar then rise and stagger up Church lane and into St. Andrew Street where he fell dead. Private Dean staggered into the post office. Both soldiers received first aid from members of the public but in the case of Lance-Corporal Emery their efforts were in vain as he had received three bullet wounds, one to the neck and two which caused fatal injuries to both lungs. The two assassins fled leaving the motorcycle and sidecar.

Dublin 12/05/1922
Gunner J Rolfe 17 Battery Royal Garrison Artillery. Various newspapers reported that questions were asked in the House of Commons relating to the death of Gunner Rolfe, the jury in his inquest in Jervis Street Hospital Dublin refused to return a verdict of wilful murder as the coroner had suggested, instead returning a verdict of death from shock and haemorrhage as a result of wounds inflicted by a person or personas unknown. Gunner Rolfe was shot dead in Dublin on May the 12th 1922 when he and another Gunner, Alfred Porter, both of Marlborough Barracks, were walking along Bachelor’s Walk Dublin when two civilians who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, one brandishing a Webley revolver, ordered the two soldiers to put their hands up. The two civilians requested Gunner Porter to remove his bandolier, Gunner Rolfe requested a receipt for the bandolier explaining that the two soldiers would get into trouble when they returned to Barracks without it. After making the request for the receipt one of the assailants said “what did you say” and not waiting for a reply fired at Gunner Rolfe.  Both soldiers were unarmed when the incident happened. First aid was rendered to Rolfe at the scene by a member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade and a Free State Army officer.

A C S Rodgers Royal Air Force. Private Rogers, aged 21 from Collinstown, was mortally wounded in Talbot Street Dublin. He died on Friday the 30th of June 1922 in the King George V Hospital. Private Rogers was travelling in the back of a truck under the command of Second-Lieutenant Beckman when they were fired on from both sides of the street, private Rogers was hit in the back.

Private A T Taylor Royal Army Service Corps (Motor Transport). Private Taylor was shot dead in Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire) on Wednesday the 12th of April 1922. He, with Private Cachia were loading furniture into a car when Private Taylor, who was at the back of the car, was approached by a man who ordered him to put up his hands, Private Taylor was holding his rifle at the time. In evidence to the inquest Private Cachia stated that he herd the order Hands Up and almost immediately after a shot was fired. Private Taylor was shot once in the head and died a few days later in St. Michael’s Hospital.

Agents and Spies

The following list contains the names of British Agents shot during the War of Independence. The British operated a network of Agents and Spies from their headquarters at Dublin Castle. Many of these Agents had gained a vast amount of experience in espionage during the First World War and subsequent service in the Middle East and other hot-spots around the world.  

Alan Bell was appointed Resident Magistrate of Dublin in 1920. He was transferred from Belfast to Dublin and his main task was to investigate the recent attempt of the life of Lord French, the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Bell also had another task which could potentially have a devastating affect of the I.R.A., he was to investigate the hidden I.R.A. finances and identify those who were donating money to the I.R.A.

The Intelligence Department of the I.R.A., led by Michael Collins, set out to assassinate Bell and put an end to his investigations. On the 1st of March 1920 Bell order all banks in Dublin to appear at the Police Courts so that their accounts could be officially examined. Within days Bell had located and confiscated over £18,000 belonging to the I.R.A. This was a crippling blow to the I.R.A. and Collins and his assignation squad knew they had to act quickly to eliminate Bell.

Bell was followed and his routine established, for such an experienced agent it was foolhardy for Bell to adapt the same routine every day. Bell left his home at 19 Belgrave Square Monkstown each morning and was escorted to the tram stop by an armed detective. He would travel alone to his destination in Dublin City where he would be met by another armed detective.

On March the 26th four members of the I.R.A. boarded the tram on which Alan Bell was already travelling. As the tram approached a stop at Sandymount Avenue three of the assassination squad approached bell who was sitting at the front of the tram next to the exit. Bell was forcibly removed from the tram when it stopped. Although Bell was armed he did not get a chance to draw his weapon. The fourth member of the squad following closely behind drew his weapon and fired three shots into Bell killing him.

The squad escaped into the crowd and the I.R.A. had eliminated one of Dublin Castle’s best agents. Alan Bell was buried in Dean’s Grange Cemetery. He was 62 years old.

Accidental Death and Suicide

Dublin 08/10/1919
FrostWilliam EdwardLieutenant1st Bn. attd. 6th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment Aged 30
Awarded the Military Medal. Frost’s body was found in a field adjoining Rathgar Saw Mills Dublin. The inquest into his death returned a verdict that he had killed himself by poison when the balance of his mind was disturbed. Frost was home on sick leave from the Army and after a telegram from the War Office his wife stated he had become excited and anxious believing he was to be court-martialled although no reason was given as to why he felt this way.  Buried Commemorated, Grangegorman Military Cemetery, Dublin, Ireland.

Cork 20/03/1919
On Thursday the 20th of March 1919 Major A. E. H. Fetherstonhaugh of the 14th (King’s) Hussars Cork Garrison, died when the car he was travelling in was hit by a train at a level-crossing.  As the car, which was driven by his chauffer, approached the level-crossing the station mistress saw their pearl and attempted to warn them but to no avail. The car which was described as travelling at a good speed hit the train travelling to Blarney County Cork. Fetherstonhaugh, who was staying at St. Anne’s Hydro died instantly after being dragged by the engine form some distance and receiving horrific injuries. The chauffer, William Rabbit of Blackrock County Dublin, escaped shaken but unharmed when the impacted threw him over a wall. The incident occurred at the level-crossing at Leemount on the Cork and Muskerry Light Railway shortly before 9am.  Fetherstonhaugh was a native of Westmeath and had only married recently. Colonel Curtis of the Royal Army Medical Corps was quickly summoned to the scene but Fetherstonhaugh was dead on his arrival. Fetherstonhaugh was 33 years old and the Son of Capt. and Mrs. Fetherstonhaugh, of Bracklyn, Westmeath; husband of Janet Gordon Fetherstonhaugh and is buried in Rathconnell Church of Ireland Churchyard County Westmeath.

On Tuesday the 24th of June 1919 Corporal R E Phillips was accidently shot dead when a bullet was discharged from an automatic pistol being cleaned by Lieutenant Bastick. Bastick stated in evidence that he believed the gun to be empty and was in the process of cleaning it, as Phillips passed between Bastick and the was the gun discharged the bullet hitting Phillips in the left shoulder and passing through his neck.

Kildare 22/07/1919
On Wednesday the 22nd of July 1919 Private George White 67099 aged 18 died at the Curragh Military Camp in County Kildare when fireworks exploded. A picket was posted to guard the fireworks which were on the sports green, during the evening a large crowd of soldiers rushed the green and a large amount of fireworks were ignited, there was no explanation as to how the fireworks were ignited. Private White was with the 3rd Battalion The North Staffordshire Regiment and was the Son of Ernest Thomas White and Mary Jane White, of Goodleigh, Barnstaple, Devon.

Londonderry 19/04/1920
On Monday the 19th of April 1920 Lieutenant Bird Everton B Company 2nd Battalion The Dorset Regiment was killed when he was crushed between two armoured cars trying to jump start one with the other on the parade ground of Ebrington Barracks, Londonderry. Everton was 30 years old and was the Son of the late William Bird Everton; husband of Ethel Beatrice May Everton, of 37, Fairlee Rd., Newport, Isle of Wight. Born at Newport, Isle of Wight. He is buried in Londonderry City Cemetery.

Tipperary 20/05/1920
On Thursday the 20th of May 1920 at Tipperary Military Barracks Private A Bowes 66896 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment died when a bullet, accidently discharged by Private Bowers, hit him in the neck exiting through his back. Private Bowers told the inquest into the death of Bowes that acting on corporal instructions he loaded his rifle putting five cartridges into the magazine. On closing the bolt one bullet must have slipped into the breach. He pulled the trigger which was the usual thing to do. The jury found that the death was accidental and exonerated Bowers. Private Bowes was 18 years old and is buried in Tipperary (St. Mary’s) Churchyard County Tipperary.

Omagh 22/05/1920
On Saturday the 22nd of May 1920 Serjeant John Bates, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, was found shot dead in Omagh Barracks. The jury at the inquest found that Serjeant Bates had shot himself whilst temporarily insane. Evidence was given at the inquest by Corporal Albert V. Coppins 2nd Inniskilling Fusiliers that he had attended an entertainment at the Courthouse in Omagh with Bates and had accompanied him back to Barracks shortly before 5am. Witness stated that Bates was In good humour as he invariably was.  Serjeant John McDonald Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers gave evidence that Bates had entered the guard room on his was to his room at about 5.55am, about five minutes later witness heard a dull report and on going to Bates’s room he found him slumped  with his rifle resting on his right arm.

Dublin 27/05/1920
On Thursday the 27th of May 1920 51979 Private Joseph Clarkson aged 19 of the 1st Battalion The King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) died as a result of bullet wounds due to the accidental discharge of a rifle. The incident happened in the Military Headquarters of the Chief Secretary’s Office Dublin. He was the Son of Matthew and Alice Clarkson, of 26A, Ainscow St., Ince and is buried in INCE-IN-MAKERFIELD CEMETERY, Lancashire.


Belfast 31/08/1920
Jamieson  J. A.3234829PrivateCameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Shot dead during Curfew hours on Linfield Road Belfast. At the inquest into his death Corporal Jennings said he was in charge of a picket, he heard a challenge and two shots rang out and then another in quick succession. Jamieson, who was on the picket fell, Corporal Jennings stated that it was Jamieson who gave the challenge. Constable Gallagher, who was patrolling with the picket, told the inquest  that Private Egglesworth, who was leading the right file shouted halt to some person in Kenmare Street, two shots were fired by the military. Jamieson, who was leading the picket on the left side turned into Kenmare Street and was hit and fell to the ground. Witness stated there was nobody in the street and no order had been given to fire. The inquest found that Private Jamieson died from a bullet fired by the Military and dead was due to misadventure. Jamieson’s home address was give at the inquest as Oswald Street Glasgow.

Dublin 31/10/1922
On Tuesday the 31st of October 1922 Corporal B Bishop, Border Regiment, aged 21 and from Glasgow stationed at Marlborough Barracks Dublin was admitted to the George V Hospital Dublin suffering from gunshot wounds to the head. The inquest into the soldier’s death found he had died from wounds, self-inflicted whilst temporarily insane. Captain J Boyle R.A.M.C.  stated that a bullet had traversed the base of the brain emerging on the right side. Lance-Corporal G Kirke said he went to wake the deceased at 7.45am on October 31st and found him lying on a box bleeding from the head with a service rifle having a string attached to the trigger beside him. It was stated that Bishop had received a letter and seemed depressed. Driver T B Downing R.G.A. told the inquest that Bishop had said to him at a dance in the North Dublin Union Barracks on October 30th “This will be the last cup of tea I will have.”