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European Community Monitor Mission Medal

This medal was awarded to Irish Defence Force personnel who took part in ECMM missions, the ECMM was renamed the European Union Monitoring Mission EUMM on the 22nd of December 2000. The ECMM was set up in July 1991 to monitor EU borders, refugees and political and security issues.

Made of a silver alloy the front of the medal depicts twelve raised stars surrounding a raised relief outline of the former Yugoslavia. There are two design of this medal one has EC Monitor Mission the other has EC Task Force in raised letters on the outline map.

The back of the medal depicts the dove of peace. To receive the medal a soldier had to serve 21 days continues service or 30 days accumulated service. Soldiers Killed while serving on a mission did not have to serve the qualifying period to receive the medal.

European Union Monitoring Mission Medal
This medal was awarded for much the same as the medal above and introduced on the same date. The design is different, the front of the medal depicts twelve stars surrounding the letters EU for European Union. The back of the medal depicts a dove of peace carrying a olive branch surrounded by the words, in raised letters, European Union Monitoring Mission.
European Union Defence Policy Service Medal

This medal is awarded to Military and Civilians who serve for the qualifying period on any mission sanctioned under the ESDP. The ESDP has been and is involved in several missions. The design of the medal disc is the same for all missions and although the design is the same the finish differs in that the medal with the yellow stripe ribbon has a stippled type finish while the medal with the white ribbon has a smooth finish, there are two different ribbon designs:
  • The ESDP medal for Headquarters and Forces is EU Blue with a yellow central stripe.
  • The ESDP medal for Operational Headquarters and Planning and Support is UN Blue with a central white stripe.
A bar for each different mission is added to the ribbon to indicate which mission the medal was awarded for. The yellow stripe ribbon was usually but not exclusively awarded to Military personnel, the white strip ribbon was usually but not exclusively awarded to civilian and police personnel.
Ache Monitoring Mission

This is abbreviated to AMM on the medal bar. This mission monitored the implementation of the peace agreement between the Indonesian Government and the Free Ache Movement. This mission was successfully completed on the 11th of December 2006.

This was a mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to support a UN Mission (MONUC), the mission was to support UN personnel in overseeing the general election which began on the 30th of July 2006.

This bar was awarded for service with on the mission to Chad and the Central African Republic. The mission was to support UN mission MINURCAT. The EU force was mandated to protect the civilian population, assist with the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid and to assist in protecting UN personnel. There were tow different bar issued for this mission.
EUNAVFOR EU Naval Task Force

Operation ATALANTA was the EU contribution to the multi-National forces to stop piracy of the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden.