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Loc Rynn 1960

The Scout association of Ireland S.A.I. held an International Patrol Camp at Lough Rynn, Mohill, Co. Leitrim. The proper spelling for the place is Rynn, I am not sure why it is Rinn on the badge, Rinn in English would be cape.

The badge was worn at the point of the Scarf/Necker by event staff and management.
The Jamboree or as it became known the Jamborette was an International Patrol Camp attended by Scouts from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Scotland, France, Germany, U.S.A., Switzerland and Iceland, around 850 Scout attended. The Camp was held in the grounds of Colonel Clementsís house, 10 marquees and about 175 tents occupied the ground between the house and the lakeside. Over the course of the ten day camp the Scouts consumed 6,000 pints of milk, 800 dozen eggs and 3,000 loaves of bread. 260 lbs. of meat were consumed in one sitting. The camp Medical Officer was Doctor Bill Russell of Glasgow a serving Royal Air Force officer was happy to report few patients attended his hospital. The Scouts also set up their own camp police force headed by G. A. Wigham.

International Camp Westport County Mayo 1968
Scout Association of Ireland S.A.I. 60th Anniversary. An international camp was held at Westport County Mayo from the 30th of July to the 9th of August 1968 to mark the 60thanniversary of the Scouting.

Jamborora 1977 Waterford Ireland

In 1977 the Catholic Boy Scouts of Ireland held an International Jamboree, the International Camp known as Jamborora was held at Mount Melleray Abbey, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford to celebrate the Golden Jubilee attended by 20,000 Scouts from around the World where they enjoyed some of the best weather Ireland had for many years.

Foras = Foundation

Feasa = Knowledge

The theme of the Jamboree was ancient Ireland. This booklet was produced by the C.B.S.I. and printed at Mount Melleray Abbey. The booklet gives a detailed history of the ancient peoples of Ireland, Legends, folklore and their means of communication. It is interesting to note that up to the Jamboree legends such as Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool or Finn MacCoul) were almost exclusively used by Fianna Eireann in their Scout lore.

Woodstock 1978
Woodstock 78 was held by the Scout Association of Ireland to mark 70 years of Scouting in Ireland. The Woodstock Jamboree was held at the Woodstock Estate in Inistioge County Kilkenny and ran from the 1st to the 10th of August 1978. Around 5,500 Scouts and Guides from twenty different countries around the World. There was a potential diplomatic incident when the Irish President opened the Jamboree the Boy Scouts of Taiwan flew the flag of China, China was not recognised by the United Nations.  The Jamboree had a fully equipped television studio and one of the main attractions was a hovercraft built by the Scouts.

The Jamboree marked the 70th anniversary of Scouting in Ireland.
Woodstock 1978 Scout Association of Ireland S.A.I. Held at Inistioge, County Kilkenny.

Portumna July 30th to August 8th 1985.

Portumna was the first Jamboree organised by the 3 Scout Associations on the island of Ireland, the Scout Association of Ireland S.A.I.  Northern Ireland Scout Council N.I.S.C. and Catholic Boy Scouts of Ireland C.B.S.I. The Jamboree was held in the grounds of Portumna Castle County Galway. 16 Scouts from Kenya and Uganda as well as 16 Scouts and 3 leaders from Troop 502 Woburn Massachusetts were among the 10,000 Scouts and 2,000 Leaders from 23 different countries who attended the Jamboree.

C.I.E. (the Irish transport network operators) mounted a major operation to transport the Scouts to Galway. A fleet of over 100 busses and 6 trains were involved, 11 double-decker busses were painted in the Jamboree colours. As well as the traditional Scouting activities of hikes and canoeing Scouts took part in the ĎKrypton Scoutí described as a very difficult assault course, a BMX trail, computer-based technology course and a television link-up with the American space shuttle.


The Official Theme Song

 Weíll sing together, a song of joy

 Letís show each other we can get by

 All scouts forever Portumna 85


 Letís sing together a song of joy

Letís build a future a world as one

 Letís make today the day itís done

 We have a vision we can be free

 Letís sing together in harmony


 Sing a song of joy, sing a song of joy

So many nations, so many lands

 So many people all joining hands

 We are all ages, all have one dream

 Letís sing together one more time


 Sing a song of joy, sing a song of joy

And when itís over, and we're all gone

 Letís remember, the songs, the fun

 The Shannon hillsides, the Irish sky

 Letís sing together a song of joy

Sing a song of joy, sing a song of joy

Goll Sub-Camp badge Portumna 1985
Gosford 1989

Gosford took place in Gosford Park Markethill County Fernanagh Northern Ireland. The Jamboree was organised by the 3 Irish Scout associations, the Scout Association of Northern Ireland, the Scout Association of Ireland and the Catholic Scouts of Ireland. The Jamboree was attended by around 3000 Scouts from around the World including Scouts from Japan, Canada and the U.S.A.

Ballyfin 1993

Ballyfin National Jamboree was held in the grounds of Ballyfin College in County Laois, it was the third of a series of four Jamborees organized jointly by the three Irish Scout associations, C.S.I., S.A.I. and Northern Ireland Scout Association. The Jamboree was held from the 27th of July to the 5th of August 1993.

The campsite was split into seven sub-camps for Scout Troops, Cubs Scouts and staff, each named after an Irish Lough:

  • Cara, (Lone-Patrols).

  • Conn,

  • Corrib,

  • Derg,

  • Eske,

  • Ouler,

  • Strangford,

  • Lein (Staff).

Ballyfin sub-camp badge.