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The 1936 Roll of 1916 Rising Participants

The article below appeared in The Irish Times newspaper on the 25th of May 1936 and reports on the presentation of scrolls to President de Valera. The article is interesting in that it gives the numbers of those who took part in the 1916 Rising as 1599. Note that the numbers of Dead given is not the number Killed in Action during the 1916 Rising but the number of 1916 Volunteers who were dead in 1936.

The number of dead given in the article is 273 and these would have been issued with posthumously awarded Named and Number 1916 Medals in 1941. Others may have died between May 1936 and the presentation of the medal in 1941 but it gives an indication as to how many Named and Numbered 1916 Medals were awarded.

Memories of the Dead
Roll of Honour of 1916
Presentation to Mr. de Valera

To the accompaniment of rolling drums and the strains of ďDead marchĒ Mr. de Valera, President of the Irish Free State Executive Council, yesterday received the Roll of Honour, 1916.

The scroll, bound in black tulle, bearing the name of those who fell in the fighting during the Easter Week (1916) Rising, was presented to the President by Commandant Joseph OíConnor, in the presence of several thousand people, outside government buildings, Merrion street, yesterday morning.

Afterwards Mr. de Valera received from the senior surviving officer of each garrison the scrolls bearing the name of the men who participated in hostilities, and formally handed them to Mr. Liam Gorgan, Keeper of the National Museum. The scrolls will be preserved in the museum.
President takes Salute

Standing of a raised dais, the President then took the salute from over 1,000 men, members of the different 1916 garrisons, who had marched in processional order from St Stephenís Green, led by the St. Jamesís Brass and Reed band.

The President emerged from Government Buildings through a guard of honour, composed on one side by officers representing all the sections of the Regular Army and Volunteer Force, and on the other by members of the Dublin Metropolitan Guards, Civic Guards, and Detective Branch, all drawn from the ranks of 1916 men.

A detachment of the regular Army, under commandants Hegarty and McGrath, and a company of Volunteers, under Lieutenant V. de Valera, headed by the No. 1 Army band, rendered military honours, while a section of cavalry in full-dress uniform lined both ends of the street.

The crash of rifles be brought to the ďPresentĒ  heralded the approach of the President, who was followed by members of the Executive Council, representatives of the judiciary, and relatives of the Easter Week leaders.

Sections of Cumann na mBan took part in the march passed which followed.

Among those who marched in the ranks of the 1916 men were: - Mr. Sean MacEntee, Minister for Finance; Mr. Oscar Taynor, T.D.; Mr P. Belton, T.D.; Mr. Frank Fahy, Speaker of the Dail, and Mr. J.J. Walsh.

One of the last signatures to be put on the Roll of the survivors was that of Mr. Liam Raftis, Borough Treasurer, Waterford, who signed on the steps of the University College Church, St. Stephenís green, prior to the Requiem Mass which was offered there yesterday morning for the dead members of the Bolandís Mill garrison. The mass was attended by Mr. de Valera, who was received on the steps of the church by the Rev. J. Flavin, C.C. The Mass was celebrated by the Rev. P.J. Deering, C.C.

The Scrolls

The officers who made the presentation and the numbers of the names on each scroll were as follows.

  • G.P.O. garrison Liam Cullan 58 Dead 323 Survivors.
  • Ashbourne Mr. Charles Weston 13 Dead 46 Survivors.
  • Bolandís Mill Mr. Liam Kavanagh 29 Dead 144 Survivors.
  • City Hall Mr. James OíShea 30 Dead and 30 Survivors.
  • Dublin Union Mr. Seamus Murphy 35 Dead and 165 Survivors.
  • Four Courts Nicholas Laffan 53 Dead 370 Survivors.
  • Jacobís Mr T. Slater 36 Dead 140 Survivors
  • Stephenís green Mr. H. Nicholls 29 Dead 108 Survivors.

Among those present were; Colonel Broy, Chief Commissioner, Civic guard; Assistant Commissioners Walsh and Cullen, Chief Superintendent Clarke, Miss Pearse, T.D.; Mr. Hugh Kennedy, Chief Justice; Senator E. Duggan, Senator Mrs. Wyes Power, Miss Wyes Power, Senator L. OíNeill, Mr. P.J. Little, parliamentary Secretary to the President. Senator Mr. M. Staines and Commandant P. Holohan acted as assistant marshals.