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The Kimmage Garrison

The Kimmage Garrison were a group of Volunteers who came from Glasgow to Dublin in the early months of 1916. On arrival in Dublin they were billeted at Larkfield House Kimmage and were under the command of  George Plunkett.  Deceased next to a name in the list of the Kimmage Garrison below refers to those who were deceased when the list was drawn up in 1948.The city referred to next to a name refers to the city the person travelled from to join the Kimmage Garrison and not to their place of birth.

 Agnew Arthur, Manchester.


 Begley David, Manchester.

Bolger John, Liverpool.

Bolger James, Liverpool.

Bracken Peader, Tullamore.

Breslin X 2 Glasgow.

Carroll John, Liverpool.

Caldwell Patrick, Liverpool.

Carmichael Bernard also listed as Andrew, Glasgow.

Carigan Charles, Glasgow.

Clinch Patrick J, Liverpool.

Coghlan Joseph (Jerry Malone) Manchester.

Craven Thomas Liverpool.

Daly Denis, London.

Daly Liam, London.

Devine Frederick Victor

Dickenson William, Liverpool.

Duffy Joseph, Liverpool.

Egan Joseph Liverpool.

Friel Bernard, Glasgow.

Furlong Andrew Liverpool (Deceased).

Gahan Joseph, Dublin.

Goode Alfred Joseph, London.

Gleeson Joseph, Liverpool.

Gleeson Martin, Liverpool.

Hegarty Sean (Deceased) Glasgow.

Horan John. (Deceased).

Harling John, (Deceased). London.

Kelly Frank, Manchester.

King George, (Deceased) Liverpool.

King John, Liverpool.

King Patrick, Liverpool.

Kerr, Niall, (Junior) (Deceased) Liverpool.

Kennan Gilbert, London.

Keating Con, (Deceased) London.

Lynch Gilbert. Manchester.

Landy Seumas (Deceased) Liverpool.

McAuliffe Garrett, Manchester.

McDermott Patrick, Liverpool.

McGallogly John, Glasgow.

McGallogly, Seumas (Deceased) Glasgow.

McGarvey Michael, Liverpool.

McGrath Michael London.

McManus Patrick, Liverpool.

McMullan Brian, Glasgow.

McNeive William, Liverpool.

McMahon Patrick, Liverpool.

McCarra, Glasgow.

Murphy Michael, Glasgow.

Maguire Patrick J., (White) Glasgow.

Maguire Patrick (Deceased), Glasgow.

Morrin Patrick (Deceased), Glasgow.

Mulvihill Michael (Deceased, Manchester.

Noonan Ernest (Nunan), London.

Noonan Sean (Nunan), London.

O’Braonain Seumas, Tullamore.

O’Connor John (Blimey), Manchester/London.

O’Donnagain Seumas (Deceased), Liverpool.

O’Donnchadha Thomas, Manchester.

O’Donoghue Patrick, Manchester.

O’Donoghue William, Liverpool.

O’Murchadha Peadar. Liverpool.

O’Reilly Joseph, London.

O’Shea Michael, Liverpool.

O’Dowd James, Liverpool.

Murphy Victor, Liverpool.

Murphy Michael, Manchester.

Plunkett George, Dublin. Officer in Charge.

Parr Liam (Deceased) Manchester.

Robinson Seumas, Glasgow.

Roche Liam, Liverpool.

Ryan Laurence, Manchester.

Scullion Frank, Glasgow.

Scullion Patrick (Deceased) Glasgow.

Supple Padraig, Liverpool.

Sheehan Donal (Deceased), London.

Shortis Patrick (Deceased) London.

Thornton Frank, Liverpool.

Thornton Hugh (Deceased), Liverpool.

Thornton Patrick (Deceased), Liverpool.

Turner Cormac, Glasgow.

Walsh Martin, Liverpool

Whelehan Christopher Liverpool.

Ward Gilbert London.

Furlong Joseph, Manchester.

Furlong Matthew (Deceased) London.

Kerr John Liverpool.

Kerr Thomas Liverpool.

Vise Joseph London.

O’Leary David London.

O’Leary Diarmuid London.